SOIMA 2022-2023 Officer Elections

Elections for the inaugural class of national leaders for the Student Osteopathic Internal Medicine Association are from October 4, 2022 through 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 11. Learn more about each of the candidates below. You can cast your votes here


Max Hall, OMS-II
Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine


My name is Max Hall and I am an OMS-II at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am the president of our local SOIMA chapter and I am excited for the opportunity to join the national SOIMA leadership. My vision for our local chapter has been to expose students to as many areas of internal medicine as possible, while offering opportunities to network with those in the field. I see these new national positions as a way to create a simplified way to share resources between SOIMA chapters. This could involve sharing virtual invites to speakers, lists of applicable conferences, ways to present research, and any networking events. The value of connections cannot be overstated in medicine, especially when applying for residencies and jobs. There are SOIMA chapters across the entire country, which I see as an opportunity for osteopathic medical students to make connections in areas where they may be interested in training. My ultimate goal will be to create an uncomplicated way for SOIMA chapters to share resources, allowing our members to better explore their interests and provide them with more opportunities to strengthen their resumes for residency. If I am chosen, I cannot wait to start creating some valuable opportunities for all of our SOIMA members! Thank you for your consideration.

Joseph Kellett, OMS-II
Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine


My name is Joseph Kellett, and I am a second-year medical student at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM) and am running for the position of President of SOIMA. As an aspiring internist, I am drawn to the field of Internal Medicine because it provides the opportunity to practice clinical diagnostics of a wide variety of conditions while also having the ability to develop longstanding relationships with my future patients. This has only been bolstered through my medical education where I have so thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the organ systems and the treatment of their pathophysiology.

I joined RowanSOM’s chapter of SOIMA shortly after beginning medical school. Since then, I have served as Research Chair, and I currently serve as Co-President. As Research Chair, I established a relationship with the Internal Medicine Department of RowanSOM in which they advertise their projects to our SOIMA Chapter for our members to apply to, for example a study that assessed the efficacy of implementing a naloxone co-prescription program to impact patient outcomes. As Co-President thus far, we are in the early stages of developing a mentorship with upperclassmen and residents to provide advice, recommendations, and their paths to success for our members to model after. Knowing first-hand that navigating medical school to become a successful applicant to a desired residency can be intimidating, I hope a structured support system from our own members and alumni can be extremely helpful as well as comforting.

I am running for National SOIMA President with a similar vision. I believe that a National SOIMA can be a great resource for all SOIMA chapter members to become successful residency applicants and eventually, skilled and compassionate Osteopathic Internists. I will work tirelessly to guide the development of SOIMA so that we all as student physicians can shape the future osteopathic internal medicine. I would be honored to serve as President of SOIMA and I appreciate your consideration of my nomination.

Joanna Manansala, OMS-II
A.T. Still University - School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona


My name is Joanna Manansala (she/her/hers), second year osteopathic medical student at A.T. Still University - School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (ATSU-SOMA), but currently assigned to The Wright Center Community Health Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I was the President of the Internal Medicine Club at ATSU-SOMA last year and I am running for President of SOIMA. At ATSU-SOMA, I ran the largest club on campus with nearly 300 members. I organized many events that featured practicing Internists and introduced members to the many subspecialties within IM. I set up volunteer activities with local non-profits to provide medical supplies to Ukraine, and to vaccinate the unhoused population of the greater Phoenix area. Above all, I started an academic journal club within the club where we analyzed IM literature side by side practicing physicians. If elected, I want to use my experience as former President of our local IM club to collaborate with SOIMA members nationwide while creatively finding ways to endorse the organization. As President of SOIMA, I want to increase awareness of IM and its subspecialties to all osteopathic medical students. I will leverage the experience of practicing DOs in IM to educate DO students. I plan to improve the club by setting up nationwide events that encourage more community and professional development. Most importantly, I hope to establish a national academic journal club within the club to teach members how to analyze data in the field of IM, and to think like an Internist. I want to be President, because I want to encourage interest in Internal Medicine and its broad range of subspecialties. I believe in whole person healthcare, and I admire the power of IM trained physicians in their knowledge of a wide range of diseases. My experience as a scribe for an IM trained Hem-Onc specialist at UCLA Health showed me that being knowledgeable about the whole body is what makes a physician stand out. With this, I believe that Internal Medicine is an empowering specialty to treat patients holistically. I plan on using my connections with UCLA Health physicians to enrich our group experience by hosting seminars where they can share with us their journey towards Internal Medicine. I also plan to create ways for our group to reach out to underserved communities and learn how to better serve them through Internal Medicine. Lastly, I aim to encourage more women of underrepresented backgrounds to pursue Internal Medicine by representing them in our group and highlighting their contributions. I look forward to serving you all.


Tianna Quesenberry, OMS-II
Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine


I pride myself on creating a collaborative environment to promote fellowship among SOIMA members. For instance, I craft emails with pop culture references to disseminate information with a flare; although at its surface this seems minor, it constitutes a conversation-starter that has afforded me

interactions with SOIMA members I don’t normally see day to day. Shortly after my election as SOIMA president, I was presented with the opportunity to coordinate volunteers for the Molina Drive Thru Clinic and campus vaccination clinics. Despite the rapid turnaround, I enthusiastically set to work for the benefit of my constituents. I seek to integrate my creativity into my role as SOIMA president and am currently creating original art for SOIMA instagram posts to promote speaker events and disseminate high yield board material in an easily digestible format. Each of my decisions as SOIMA president is made with the intent of culturing a collaborative environment wherein our diverse membership can debate and grow in parallel to the ever-changing nature of medicine.

Christine Mayuga, OMS-II
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Virginia


Hey everyone! My name is Christine Mayuga and I am an OMS-II at VCOM-Virginia. At VCOM, I am currently on the Internal Medicine executive board as the Chair for Infectious Disease. If you vote for me as President-Elect of SOIMA, I hope to expand the network of osteopathic students interested in internal medicine. I want to increase communication among the Internal Medicine club executive boards of all the osteopathic schools. Additionally, I hope to create a database of current Internal Medicine physicians so that students can contact IM physicians for advice, mentorship, networking or audition rotation opportunities. If you have any questions about my election platform, I would love to chat! My email is


Breena Wade, OMS-II
Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences


I am running for the position of secretary-treasurer for SOIMA. There are a handful of things that I am truly passionate about and my heart stirs with excitement thinking about inspiring others to embrace osteopathic principals while caring for the needs of others. Understanding the connection between mind, body, and spirit is essential to developing a partnership with others, which is ultimately the foundation of medicine, specifically through an osteopathic lens. Patients deserve to be seen as the whole person they are, and this is especially true in regards to their healthcare. I was drawn to osteopathic medicine by this core belief and I believe living this value out in my daily life will keep me true to what called me to medicine. SOIMA fully embraces these core beliefs and wants to support students as they develop into osteopathically minded physicians. I want to be a part of the community SOIMA is developing. Also, I want to be a support to my fellow students as they wholeheartedly pursue medicine. I feel that in the position of secretary-treasurer, I will have the greatest opportunity to encourage other osteopathic students interested in internal medicine as effective communication and correspondence would be a primary responsibility of the position.

Tess Krage, OMS-II
Kansas City University-Joplin


Hi, my name is Tess Krage (pronounced like “froggy” but with a “K”). I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2021 where I studied Biology and Disability Studies. Currently, I attend Kansas City University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Joplin, Missouri campus. As a second-year medical student, I am continuing to garner my interests in specialties and

develop my career goals. My background as a CNA in an assisted living facility, a familial connection to Alzheimer’s disease, my job as a student research assistant at The James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and my work at the Nisonger Center for intellectual and developmental disabilities have directed my medical interests around internal medicine, critical care, and neurology. At KCU-Joplin, I am the President of our SOIMA’s Internal Medicine Club chapter. This position has challenged me to communicate effectively, organize events, and network with other leaders in medicine. In my role, I help our student interest group leaders plan physician guest speaker events in different internal medicine subspecialties, coordinate volunteering opportunities around our community, and provide professional development resources to my fellow peers. Given this position, I have had the privilege of connecting with the ACOI through their Student Osteopathic Leadership in Internal Medicine and Dialogue (SOLID) program. SOLID has already proved to be an immensely useful resource in mentoring my SOIMA chapter students. As I continue to navigate medical school and eventually, residency applications, I am dedicated to serving as a figurehead for my fellow peers who wish to explore internal medicine and affiliated subspecialties. In effort to develop acumen in internal medicine and leadership, I am running as the Secretary-Treasurer for SOIMA. Alongside my osteopathic medical degree, I am earning my MBA in healthcare leadership through Rockhurst University. I wish to enhance this aspect of my education and skillset through communication, organization, and financial planning on a national scale. Specifically, I enjoy creating graphics, Q+A forms, and virtual announcements as tools for effective outreach. Further, it is imperative to establish a reliable system of monetary records for SOIMA in evaluating and proposing future projects. I hope to blend my endeavors to inaugurate SOIMA as a core resource for osteopathic medical students nationwide.

Ibrahim Hasan, OMS-II
Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine Nova Southeastern


My name is Ibrahim (Abe) Hasan and I’m running for Treasurer-Secretary of SOIMA. I feel that I am uniquely qualified for this position due to my background in finance and my experiences with leadership. I believe I am well suited for this role as I have spent roughly 5 years working as a sales associate/manager. I was tasked with making work schedules, making orders to restock the inventory, handling all the cash transactions, and most importantly making sure everyone was doing their job. While these experiences may be different in scale and responsibility, I believe that the skills that I developed in that time are still highly applicable to the responsibilities of the Treasurer. I am excited to utilize my skills to serve the student body as a member of the SOIMA. In addition, I am running for secretory specifically is because I like to communicate with people. I feel with the roles of secretary I would have to send out general emails, submit hours for volunteering events and assist the President and Vice President! In all three of these tasks, I get to communicate to all the different groups affiliated with the club such as the general members, NSU staff members, and the eboard. Although there are many other reasons why I am interested in becoming the secretory for SOIMA, giving back to the community, and being able to communicate with many members affiliated with the club are the main reasons.

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