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Why Is Physician Wellness Important?
ACOI members share that through balancing self-care with career demands both physicians and patients thrive!

Why Is Being a Member of ACOI Important to You?
The fellowship, sense of family, the personal and professional leadership opportunities, and the growth that helps them excel as physicians are just a few of the things we heard

Why Should Medical Students & Residents Join ACOI?
Hear what seasoned DOs and residents alike say about the benefits of ACOI membership for young professionals.

Principle-Centered Medicine
Hear how Clark Milton, DO, FACOI; Robert Cain, DO, FACOI; and Annette Carron, DO, FACOI, explain the value of ACOI’s Principle-Centered Medicine approach.

Opportunities Ahead for ACOI in 2020
ACOI President, Samuel Snyder, DO, FACOI, shares his thoughts on what to look forward to for ACOI in 2020.

What Are You Grateful For?
Our members represent all the qualities that define good medicine. Hear what they are grateful for!

Looking Back on 2019
2019 president Annette T. Carron, DO, FACOI and 2020 president Samuel Snyder, DO, FACOI remind us of what ACOI has accomplished during 2019 and of the opportunities that lie ahead.

The Next Evolution of Your ACOI
Listening to our members prompted a brand and messaging refresh in late 2019. See how ACOI is evolving!

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