Visiting Professor Program

Bringing Our Experts to Your Campus 

Supporting students is an important piece of the work we do at the ACOI. For a quarter of a century the Visiting Professor Program has brought physicians and experts from every specialty and from all corners of the U.S. to participating campuses to share their experience and passion about medicine with students.

Designed to expose students to the many opportunities available to them, ACOI speakers instruct and lead discussions in their area of clinical expertise. In addition, they present students with practical career information and often are valuable resources for students as they continue their training toward their degree in osteopathic internal medicine.

Visiting Professor Session at NSUKPCOM


On average, the ACOI proudly sends 30 or more professors to colleges of medicine throughout the country each year to support student education and to lend a hand in their future success.

Would you like to host a Visiting Professor at your school?  
We can arrange both in person and virtual sessions. Send an email to Kara Kerns at for more information.

2023 Visiting Professor Program Schedule

January 24 
1:10-2:00 PM ET 
Topic: How to Succeed on Rotations  
Visiting Professor: Annette Carron, DO, FACOI 
Location: CCOM (In-person)
January 30 
3:00-4:00 PM ET 
Topic: Why is the Kidney the Best Organ in Your Body 
Visiting Professor: Mark Baldwin, DO, FACOI 
Location: CHSUCOM (In-person)

January 31 
5:30-6:30 PM ET 
Topic: How to Get into Residency 
Visiting Professor: Robert Hasty, DO, FACOI 
Location: NSUKPCOM-Tampa Bay (In-person) 
January 31 
6:30-7:30 PM ET 
Topic: Residency Success: From Audition to Interview and Beyond 
Visiting Professor: Damon L. Baker, DO, FACOI 
Location: CUSOM (Virtual)

February 13 
1:00-2:00 PM ET 
Topic: Insights from My Ten Favorite Osteopathic Internists on the Practice of Medicine 
Visiting Professor: Laura Rosch, DO, FACOI 
Location: OSUCOM (In-person)

February 13 
2:00-3:00 PM ET 
Topic: A Day in the Life of a Gastroenterologist 
Visiting Professor: Charlene A. LePane, DO, FACOI 
Location: ACOM (Virtual)

March 8  
5:30-6:30 PM ET  
Topic: COVID-19, Ebola, HIV, HCV, and Social Entrepreneurship 
Visting Professor: MarkAlain Déry, DO, FACOI 
Location: WVSOM  (In-person)

April 5  
1:00-2:00 PM ET 
Visiting Professor: Michael Clearfield, DO, MACOI   
Location: UNTHSC/TCOM  (In-person) 

April 26 
1:00-2:00 PM ET 
Topic: Climbing the Mountain of Medical Education  
Visiting Professor: Robert Good, DO, MACOI  
Location: KCUMB-Joplin (Virtual) 

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